Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

Stats for the Honda Odyssey

Data points80
Average distance 50.29 miles
Max distance99 miles
Min distance1 miles
St. Dev.25.97
Histogram for Honda Odyssey

Stories About the Honda Odyssey

  1. A Extra 4 Gallons
  2. Deliberately Run Out Of Gas?
  3. Gas Gauge Accurate
  4. When Does The Darn Light Come On?
  5. I Risked Too Much
  6. I Routinely Push It
  7. What'S Wrong??
  8. 60 Miles At Least
  9. 75 Miles On Empty Light
  10. 1/2 A Mile Short Of Yuma
  11. Ran Out Of Gas On My Birthday. With Children.
  12. Panic When Light Comes On
  13. 2009 Canadian Oddy Owner
  14. 3 Gallon