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About 1000Km Before Light

April 19, 2017 about Peugeot 207

Not a story, just a few numbers with one full gas tank. My 207 is a 2006 HDI 1.6

-road outside city: average 4.5, estimated ~1100-1200km -road inside city: average 5.5, estimated ~800-850km -mixed driving: average 4.9-5.0, estimated ~950-1000km

Once I drove a full gas tank with very low RPM (1500-1700) and reached 1200km, including some driving with gas light on.

Usually, I reach the 1000km with one full tank, driving through speedways at a max of 100km/h. When reaching 120km/h, autonomy drops to 850-900.

My light turns on at half the last 1/8 tank partition. It can swallow up to 48L, so I take into account that when light turns on, I have still 3L remaining (48:8 = 6 /2 = 3 l), and 3L are good enough to drive for 50km in fast roads (up to 100km/h top speed), not rocketing RPM. Plenty of time to drive to next gas station in speedways.

A/C sucks up to 20% of gas. Drive rationally.

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